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Leaving On A Jetplane


This morning it appeared as though we had escaped the rain for the past week. Instead of being greeted by the now-typical patter of rainfall, I was instead woken by…

Lessons from Facebook Connect
Last week we finally launched Facebook Connect to the general public. In the time since I joined the team last May, I’ve definitely been surprised by a few things I thought I’d share. think big This time last year, I thought “Man, wouldn’t it be cool if Facebook became an OpenID provider? Maybe if we just
Data driven decision making: Netflix or Blockbuster?
My wife and I have been Netflix subscribers for years, during which we have rented hundreds of movies. We are considering a switch to Blockbuster, but one of the holdups has been that Blockbuster supposedly only has best sellers, while Netflix has lots of niche and foreign movies that make it more attractive. Then I