Friday, April 27

Happy Anivaaaarsary!

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Thar she blows – twenty five years of marriage to my parents. On this day twenty five years ago, while wedding bells sounded in a Chicago-area church, Simon and Garfunkel performed their famous Concert in the Park in New York City. In the time since, my parents have had quite the life. They’ve volunteered at Misericordia when Carrie and I were really young. They had four beautiful children, the oldest of course being their favorite. They’ve owned several homes, put us all through school, and still had time for each other. And of course, my parents still make my home feel like home, whether it’s by planting an herb garden or fording a stream. Gotta say, these are some good parents.

It is also Talk Like a Pirate Day. Scurvey ye mates, for here is an annivaarsary entry!

Happy twenty-fifth, ‘rents.


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