Friday, April 27

A new way to write

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I’ve been feeling lately like i’m losing touch with the folks that matter most. Friends, family, etc. Way out here on the Way West Coast, it’s easy as pie to just forego the regular emails and phone calls. So here we are — my attempt to let you all know what’s up with me, and perhaps inject a little commentary into the world. We’ll see how this evolves.

I had previously been using some open source software called LucidCMS to manage my website. What initially attracted me to it was its simplicity — it’s small, lightweight, and gives tons of flexibility over what sort of content you want to display and how. I loved the thought of so much freedom. But now, about a year after trying it out, I realized why that might be a bad thing: my website still looks the same as it did the day I put it up. So, lots of freedom — and plenty of laziness to go with it.

So I figured, if I’m going to be lazy, I may as well be lazy in style, so out comes WordPress to play a pivotal role in reinvigorating my web persona. Because you see, my web persona desires that there are things playing pivotal role in it. It’s needy like that.

Take advantage of the new features! Leave comments like breadcrumbs throughout my site. It’s interactive now, after all.


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