Friday, April 27

Thanksgiving Quotes

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* “The Gimp”

*– nametag given to Scott at Too Much Light, due to the crutches*

* “You want me, Crutch Boy, to get you, Leg Girl, a drink?”

*– Scott, in response to Nora’s request that he hobble inside to grab her a Sprite. We gathered around the campfire Saturday night and roasted mini-marshmallows (although mostly Nora and I threw them at Eric and Nathan).*

* ” ‘I KNOOOW!’ ”

*– Nora’s impression of her schoolmate, the “queen bee”. The “I know” was in response to another student griping that her teacher had lied about her bad behavior at conferences.*

* “Oh yeah, he’s the one always looking for a hug. He walks into St. Nick’s just looking for someone to hug”

*– Mr. Pape, in reference to the newest faculty member at Loyola Academy, a scruffy-looking Mr. Heineman.*

* Tina: It’s a house divided …
Me: That can’t stand.
Tina: It can’t?
Me: Not a house divided, nope.

*– My lame punnery, Saturday night with the Regina girls at the annual “Carrie’s friends dessert”*

* “Soooo-neeeeee”

*– My dad’s attempt to pronounce the name of their new exchange student, Sanni.*


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