Hey, i’m Kate a yoga teacher and holistic therapist with a passion for health beauty and skincare. I love to share product reviews and advice on my blog for all of my readers. I love discovering new skincare and makeup and it has become my life’s passion. I want to share all of the products that I have fallen in love with, from drug store finds to high end luxury items.

I have a seven year old daughter called Betty and i’m currently pregnant with my second litle girl, so you can expect lots of pre-natal and post-natal advice! My husband works in finance so is extremely busy, but when we do get some family time, we love to go for long bike rides and to travel.

My blog covers topics from my favourite fake tans to how to heal yourself without medicine – i really am a mixed bag of tricks. I also love sharing fun and quirky facts about my family and self.

With a passion for both makeup and skincare, I wanted to create an informative blog that gave you no-nonsense reviews about the best products on the market as well as handy comparisons. You can read my latest posts each day with tips from experts in their fields such me!

When I read other beauty blogs, they often came off as cold and unapproachable. So to create a more relatable blog that still had honesty in its writing style – which is what led me towards starting one about women’s confidence- you might ask? It all contributes back! 

When my face looks good on days where i’ve applied some flawless foundation or mascara application straight from the tube without any help whatsoever… Well let’s just say these little things matter quite literally too much not take care of them because when our wellbeing operates at an optimal level then everything else seems easier by comparison

I hope that you can use this blog for tips, information on health and beauty related topics or reviews of products which are worth your time so please feel free to share this blog with family or friends who you think might be interested. Stay beautiful! Kate xox