Best 10 Minute Ab Workout

Getting your abs in shape is about more than just looking slim and fit; it also helps you build up core strength and stay healthy. If you have excess weight around the midsection, that can make you feel sluggish and slow.

It can keep you from being as active as you would like, thanks to the extra weight you have to drag around.

By working your core and focusing on your abs, you can get in shape and improve your overall health. You’ll be boosting your metabolism and your athleticism as you strengthen your core.

You’ll have more mobility and greater endurance, and you’ll probably improve your self-confidence as well since you will likely feel better about yourself.

Working on your apps doesn’t have to take hours a day. You can get powerful, healthy looking abdominal muscles with short workout sessions.

We’re going to show you the best 10-minute ab workout that will help you burn fat, slim down, and make your core more powerful.

The Benefits of a Short Workout

Some people come that may seem useless to workout for just a few minutes a day. What kind of difference could that possibly make?

What you may not realize is that the short workout session can help get your metabolism going and your fat burning processes started. Your body will already get into a mode where it’s using up fat as energy, even if you stop after about 10 minutes of working out.

In order to do that, and in order to get your body to that point, you will need to do a high intensity workout. You’re going to have to work hard and fast in that 10 minutes, making the most of this short workout session.

With a free best 10-minute ab workout HIIT burn, you can have the best format to make a short workout session very effective. You can start seeing results quickly, if you have the right kind of high intensity ab workout.

Keep in mind that any kind of workout is adaptable. If it seems too intense for you and too difficult to do, you can simply modify it to meet your needs. It can be changed for your fitness level so that you can get in shape at your pace, at a speed that is comfortable for you.

Best 10 Minute Ab Workout Routine

We will walk you through some of the moves you can do with this workout. They are meant to be done in short verse, and you don’t need to work at a high intensity for the entire 10 minutes, so don’t worry about doing a full 10 minutes if that is too strenuously stressful for you.

Each of the workout moves we will list for you are designed to be done for 30 seconds at a time, with a rest of 20 seconds. This is going to be pretty manageable for most people, but if it’s too difficult for you don’t worry about it.

It may be tough at first, and you may not make it the entire 30 seconds for each move. That’s okay, as you can work up to it. Just do it for as long as you can and give yourself time to rest and then move on to the next exercise.

1. Planks

The first move for our free best 10-minute ab workout is an easy one period we’re starting with a plank and if you’ve never done this before, it is basically holding a position for 30 seconds.

There are a few different kinds of planks you can do. A lot of people will do what is called a pushup position plank. This simply means getting in the pushup position, where your arms are shoulder length apart and your palms face down onto the floor and suspend you off the floor. You can hold that position for 30 seconds to do a single plank.

Another kind of plank you can do is the forearm plank, where you rest on your forearms with your palms or fists facing toward each other. Once again, just hold that position for 30 seconds for a full plank.

When doing a plank, the rest of your body should be as straight as possible, and the only part touching the floor should be your arms or hands and the toes and balls of your feet. Everything else should be lifted off the floor. If this is too difficult to do initially, you can hold it for less than 30 seconds.

You can elevate your feet or a more challenging plank, placing your feet onto a chair, step, or other elevated surface. This is a great alternative to the regular plank, if you want to change up your workout a little bit.

2. Bicycle Crunches

Normal crunches are fine for an ab workout, but for the best 10-minute ab workout HIT burn, you may want to step things up a bit. Bicycle crunches can help you burn more fat faster and get your abs in shape quickly.

Remember, you want to make the most of your 10 minutes, so we’re looking for exercises that are high intensity and that will be very effective at burning fat.

For bicycle crunches, you can start in the same position as you would for regular crunches. Lie on your back with your back touching the ground flat. Put your hands behind your ears but not behind your neck.

You don’t want to pull your head up as you do this. Make sure your shoulders are off the ground and bend your knees while pulling your legs off the ground as well. Pull one knee to your chest while you make the other leg straight.

As you’re doing this, twist your body so that the opposite elbow will touch the knee you hold up to your chest. Then, repeat this for the other side and make sure that your shoulders and legs are off the ground the whole time. Do this exercise for 30 seconds and then rest for 2o seconds.

3. The Reverse Crunch

Crunches are great, but we’re looking to step things up for our best 10 minute AB workout for men or women. For this exercise, lie on your back flat and place your arms at your side with your palms lying flat on the ground.

Next, bend your knees and pull your legs toward your chest. From there, raise your hips off of the ground and let your toes point up to the ceiling.

You can keep your legs straight or bend them as you like. Then, bring your body back down to the floor to lie flat.

Repeat this for 30 seconds. This is a little more challenging than your typical crunch, and it’s a great addition the free best 10-minute ab workout daily burn.

4. Side Plank

Let’s add one more exercise to this workout that you can mix in however you like. You can do these exercises in any order and at a speed that is comfortable for you.

Try to increase your speed from week to week to get more out of your workout, and go through a series of exercises as many times as you can in the 10 minute period.

For a side plank, you want to lie on the floor on your side. From the starting position, make sure you have one foot resting on top of another.

Ensure that your body is straight as well. Raise yourself up so that you are putting your weight on your elbow. Hold that position for 30 seconds. This is the entire plank exercise.

It’s very simple, but it can be very effective for building up your core and your abdominal muscles. Make sure you have a strong, straight form as you do this. Try to engage your muscles so that you’re getting great results from this exercise.

It’s not as high intensity as some of the other exercises we’ve covered here, but you’ll find it included in just about any best 10-minute ab workout video. That’s a more restful exercise that’s a great way to break up the higher intensity of some of the others.

You can do these exercises about five times a week, if you’re comfortable with that. At first, you may want to keep it to about three times a week, but the more often you do these exercises, the better results you will yet and the sooner your abs will become toned and fit.