Best Back Exercises for Women to Build and Sculpt

If you have trouble with your back from time to time, you’re definitely not alone. That’s a problem area for a lot of people, and instead of gingerly tiptoeing around using your back when you workout, lift, or do any kind of activity, you can strengthen your back.

I would like to share with you some of the best back exercises for women that helped to develop back muscles providing excellent support.

This reduces the risk of injury and helps you to recover from back injuries faster. It helps to strengthen not just the back muscles but the supporting muscles so that the strain of lifting and pushing isn’t always on those back muscles.

Which Exercises are Best for Sculpting Women’s Backs


Let’s start with one of the best lower back exercises for women. The pushup isn’t just simple- it requires no exercise equipment and it’s great for your lower back.

If you want to lift stronger, go harder, exercise for longer, and experience fewer back problems, there’s not much better you can do for your back than pushups.

Pushups may be tough to do at first, especially if you’re not used to doing them. If you struggle with the regular pushups, I suggest knee pushups.

For these, you plant your knees on the floor and place your palms down on the floor to support your upper body. Lower your upper body from the all-fours position to where your face and chest almost touch the ground and then push yourself back up to the all-fours position.

You can also do a standing push up against a wall for another low energy, beginner level pushup. This is one of the best back exercises for women at home that requires no equipment and can work for any physical strength level.

push up

There are variations on the pushup that’ll work no matter how strong you are.

There are also variations that will challenge you even if you’re experienced at working out and you are quite strong. You can use weighted pushups, clap pushups, one-arm pushups and other variations that will really test your limits.

Upright Row

Here’s another simple one that’s a great way to build up your back. The upright row requires that you stand with your feet close together and use small dumbbells.

You want to pick a size that is comfortable for you so that you can do a large number of reps- think about 10-20- without stopping.

Hold the dumbbells one in each hand at arm’s length down your side. Then, slowly raise them up to your chest as you bend your arms and allow your elbows to go out to your sides and then angle upwards slightly once the dumbbells reach your chest. From there, smoothly and slowly lower the dumbbells back down to your sides.

As your arms and back strengthen while you do this exercise, you can work your way up to heavier weights, giving yourself more of a challenge.

Bird Dog

This is another exercise that can be done on all fours. Make sure you use a mat so that you’re not placing undue pressure on your knees or damaging the skin of your knees.

If you’re in the correct position, your knees should be directly in line with your hips and your wrist should be directly under your shoulders.

From this position, extend one arm and the opposite leg. So, you can extend your right arm straight forward, keeping the elbow locked as much as possible. At the same time, extend the left leg backwards, keeping the leg as straight as you can. If you’ve done it properly, both limbs should be parallel to the floor at their peak position.

Then, you can return your arm and leg to the starting position and switch to the opposite limbs. That is a single rep, you can do 15 to 20 of these.

bird dog

Take a brief rest and then do another set. I recommend doing two or three sets for your exercise session. This is a great way to build up your back muscles and work a lot of your other muscles at the same time.

If you don’t want something that’s very high intensity or that puts a lot of strain on your chest or shoulders, then this is one of the best back exercises for women.

Single Arm Bent Over Row

As you do this exercise, it’s very important that you keep your back as straight as possible. Be sure to bend from the hips and keep your back rigid the entire time you do the exercise. That way, you’ll avoid damage to your back and help to build up your back muscles properly.

Start this exercise and a standing stance with your feet about hip-width apart. You should have a weight in one hand, and it should be a weight that’s easy enough for you to handle with one hand. You’ll need to bend your body at the hip joint, making sure that your head is lined up with your tailbone. As you bend forward, brace your core and pull back on the right elbow until your wrist is close to your ribs.

bent over row

Return to the starting position to complete the rep. You can do 15 to 20 of these for each side of the body, rest for a few seconds, and then start again to complete two or three sets.

I consider this one of the best back exercises to do with weights for women, and you should choose a weight that’s easy enough for you to use and you can work your body in a way that isn’t too challenging or strenuous. You can also increase the intensity of the reps so that you do them faster for more challenging exercise.

Single Arm Delta Raise

Are you looking for some of the best exercises for back fat for obese women? I like this one in that situation, because it doesn’t require too much exertion or superb balance.

It’s a great beginner exercise that’s going to provide benefits across a lot of your muscle groups.

Start with a dumbbell and then bend forward from your hips. Rest your left hand on your left thigh to stabilize yourself. Allow your dumbbell to hang down at arm’s length and keep your palms facing in front of you. Now, you want to keep your torso stable, and then move your arm back up so that it is a few inches over your body. Hold it there for a few seconds and then bring it back down to the beginning position.

You’ll need to do this single rep 15 to 20 times for each side of the body. You can rest in between sets and try to do two or three sets in a single workout session.

Dumbbell Good Morning

How would you like to really sculpt your back? One of the best exercises for a chiseled back for women is the dumbbell good morning. This is an exercise that can be done without dumbbells, but it’s definitely made more intense and effective if you add dumbbells to it.


Start by standing with your feet about shoulder with apart and standing straight and tall. Have a dumbbell in each of your hands and rest them on your shoulder blades. Your elbows should be spread wide.

You’ll engage your glute muscles for this exercise when pushing your hips back while you keep your knees bent just slightly. Lower your torso toward the floor until it is parallel to the floor.

Then, the movement needs to reverse and come back up so that you stand up straight and tall by pushing your hips in a forward motion. That’s a single rep, and you should do 15 to 20 of these for your set.

All of these exercises work best when put together with other exercises into a larger workout routine. If you’re doing a few of these each time you work out, several times a week, you’re going to see some impressive results for your back muscle development.