4 Best Exercises for Bat Wings

Bat wings is the term for the appearance of flabby skin that hangs from your underarms, dangling under your arms, kind of like bat wings. For most people who have them, this is considered a problem area and something they’d like to correct.

You won’t be able to get rid of the batwings simply by targeting the fat there. These flabby bits are made of fatty tissue, but it’s a myth that spot training can target specific parts of the body and get rid of fat there and only there. It would be nice if that worked, but that’s not the reality.

Is there a best exercise for bat wings that you can use that will effectively minimize their appearance and give you the toned and healthy look that you want? It’s a question that a lot of people have who would like to get rid of this unsightly part of their body.

The key to making bat wings go away and the best exercise for bat wings at home is anything that helps to improve muscle tone in the upper area of the body. So, there are actually a lot of exercises that can do that, working your upper body and helping provide muscle tone and muscle definition.

If you want real results, you will need to eat healthy, eliminating as much sugar, fat, and carbs from your diet as possible. You also need to exercise regularly. It’s recommended that you exercise about five times a week to lose weight, particularly if you’re only doing medium or low intensity exercises.

If you are doing high intensity exercises, you can cut that down to about three times a week and still get great results.

So What Are the Best Exercises For Batwings?

1. Pushups

Bat wings will be hanging under the triceps, so you need to do an exercise that works your triceps. There are a couple different ways you can do pushups, and to make it just about the best exercise for arm bat wings, you need to choose an effective method.

That means completely avoiding the easy kneeling push-ups. You can use conventional pushups that require you to keep your arms a shoulder length apart. Or you can use tricep pushups, where you place the palms of your hands together and lower yourself to the floor and then push back up.

To make your push-ups effective, you should keep your body straight and rigid and do 10 to 15 in a row. You want to get your heart pumping and get your body burning calories. This works your arms very well and could easily be considered the best exercise for bat wings. It tones and develops the muscles on the arms to help the arms look their best.

2. Pull Ups and Pull Downs

I’m going to group these together because they are very similar to one another, but most people won’t have the option to choose both at home. I wouldn’t recommend pull-ups for people who are elderly or have serious health problems.

The best exercise for batwings at home women over 60 is the pull down, but only if you have a lap pull down machine and a wide bar is attached to it.

Reach for that overhead bar with your palms facing away from you. Lean backwards to about a 45 degree angle and pull that bar down toward you. It should be pulled down to your chest, and then you can relax as you let the bar go back up to its peak.

You can do this about 10-15 times, and doing multiple sets in a single exercise session will make a big impact on your arms, how toned they are, and the appearance of bat wings.

Pull ups are so much more difficult, but they make a huge impact on how toned you are and how developed your muscles are. These are going to be much more viable at-home exercise, as you can do them anywhere you have a low tree branch, or another relatively flat bar you can use. You can also install a pull up bar in your home for regular pull-ups.

This is definitely a grueling exercise that most people won’t be able to do much of at first. You can to start off with three or five pull-ups at once and you may want to start from a standing position rather than a hanging position to make it easier on you.

As you do more and tone your arms, your bat wings will start to disappear and it will be easier to do more pull-ups.

3. Overhead Press

What is the best exercise for back bat and bat wings? One that we would definitely recommend is the overhead press. You can do this with a small weight, like a body bar or dumbbell, holding a dumbbell in each hand.

You want to sit on the floor and keep your legs in a loose, diamond shaped position. Make sure you sit up straight to start and then lean forward just a little and make sure your tailbone is not tucked into the floor.

Hold the weight at chest level and keep your grip wide. Now, pull back the shoulder blades and then push the weight up and away from you.

You want to keep it moving diagonally as much as possible and do your best to keep your entire body in a straight line. You can do it’s about 10 or 15 times and try to do several sets during each exercise session.

This is a great way to engage back muscles, shoulder muscles, and your arms. It does wonders for toning and sculpting your arms, helping to get rid of bat wings.

4. Reverse Fly

This exercise this is often classified as the best exercise for bat wings arms. It works very little of your body other than the arms, and it can be done in a comfortable, reclined position.

You can do this on any bench, though it’s ideal if you use an inclined bench where you place your head upward on the bench. You want a dumbbell in each hand and then rest your body on the bench with your arms hanging down.

Let your arms hang straight and then raise them to where they stand out to the side of you, creating a “T” shape. Hold that position and then return to the relaxed hanging position. You can do this 10 to 15 times and repeat two or three times for your exercise session for best results.

Now you have a few ideas for the best exercise for bat wings on arms. This isn’t an issue that you will eliminate quickly. It’s going to take some work to tone up your arms and develop muscles there.

How long it takes depends on how intense your exercise sessions are, how frequently you do them, what you’re eating, whether you get enough rest, and personal factors like your health and age.

Be patient as you wait and look for results. Not everybody is going to get results at the same rate, but you can definitely speed up the process by doing more workouts, doing more intense and longer workouts, and by controlling your diet, specifically your fat and sugar intake.

Remember that you won’t be able to specifically target the fat on your arms, but you can reduce your overall body fat and work to tone your arms while developing the triceps there.

Doing all of that will make a big impact on the appearance of bat wings and give you the look that you’re going for.