Best Sleep Wedge for Acid Reflux

The position you sleep in can affect your acid reflux, and if you suffer from this condition, you probably know how uncomfortable sleep can be for you sometimes. Lying flat on your back can cause acid to drain into your throat causing burning, coughing, and discomfort.

Many medical doctors will recommend that you use a wedge to sleep on for acid reflux. This can help adjust your position in a way that is comfortable and yet prevents the acid from moving through your body while you sleep.

Before you go out and buy just any sleep wedge, you want to make sure you’re getting one that is ideal for preventing the symptoms of acid reflux and one that is considered high quality. It just can be more expensive than a regular pillow, and you might even consider them an investment. That’s why I want to share with you our list so you can determine the best liquids for acid reflux for you.

The Science of Sleep Wedge for Acid Reflux

There’s quite a bit of research to show that sleeping with a wedge can help to treat the symptoms of acid reflux. People who suffer from reflux may experience heartburn, chest pain, and a feeling that they might vomit or regurgitate their stomach contents. Some people even experience trouble breathing, the development of scar tissue, sore throat, and coughing.

The science of sleep wedge pillow for acid reflux shows that elevating the head, particularly during sleep, can help keep acid down in the stomach where it is supposed to be, rather than up in the throat where it can cause irritation and harm.

Once you know how to sleep on a wedge pillow for acid reflux, you can use this product to get more restful sleep and to avoid some of the symptoms and the short and long term damage they can cause. It’s not a perfect solution, and you should be treating the underlying cause of acid reflux as well, but the wedge pillow can make a difference, allowing for easier sleep and a reduction in symptoms.

Using a sleep wedge effectively is important if you’re going to make the best use of the wedge you buy and you would like to experience as much relief from your symptoms as possible. It’s recommended that you sleep on your side when possible to help with acid reflux, although most sleep wedges are designed for you to sleep on your back. Some of them offer extra features that make it easy to sleep on your side and get the most support and symptom relief possible. Those can be some of the higher end, more expensive wedges, so expect to pay more for that kind of feature.

The Best Sleep Wedges for Acid Reflux

Let’s look at a few of the top options available, and while this list is not exhaustive, a number of great choices are provided for you to help you to make an informed decision.

AllSett Health Bed Wedge Pillow

This large wedge pillow can be used in a variety of ways and not just to help with acid reflux. It is foldable and multi-purpose and utilizes memory foam for a very comfortable sleeping experience. It’s large enough to accommodate a reclined position that supports your head, back, and legs. It can be used for sleeping and sitting both.

US Wedge Pillow

This is one of more affordable sleep wedge for acid c reflux options. One of the things that makes it such a good option is that you can use it for sitting or sleeping, so it can provide support to you throughout the day while you’re working at home, doing school, or relaxing. It comes with a machine-washable, removable cover and offers a gradual incline for a comfortable experience. The 30-degree slope makes it very useful for treating asthma, acid reflux, and other respiratory and digestive issues.

25-in-One Memory Foam Support Pillow

This is another fairly affordable option that features a gentle slope and a removable cover. The zipper ensures that cover stays in place when in use, and it’s machine washable for your convenience. The high-density foam makes this a very soft pillow, it is designed to be made from very gentle substances that should not cause irritation for your skin.

The manufacturers specifically designed this pillow to help with snoring, acid reflux, breathing difficulties and other health issues that can be treated by proper head and back support and an inclined sleeping surface.

One of the standout reasons to purchase this wedge over some of the other options is that it is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. It also comes with a 60-day trial period, so you can test it out and see if it is to your liking before you commit to the purchase.

MedCline Acid Reflux and GERD Relief Wedge

This is an incredibly expensive acid reflux wedge, but the numerous positive reviews for it online show that it’s probably worth it. If you’re wanting to go all out for your back and neck support, and acid reflux is a serious issue for you, you may want to invest in the very best sleeping wedge. It will cost around $270, but it comes with all the features you could want in a sleep wedge.

This specific wedge has been used in multiple medical trials to prove its effectiveness. It comes in multiple sizes as well to suit your specific needs. Make sure you get the proper size, so that you get ample support for your body. With the right size wedge, you can use it for sitting or sleeping and provide support for your head, neck, and back.

Of course, this high-end wedge comes with a removable cover that’s easy to clean, and it’s made from extremely soft memory foam all the way through. The manufacturers state that the vast majority of people who use this pillow report that it helps them sleep better, relieving symptoms of acid reflux and helping with breathing difficulties.

It also comes with arm support, giving you a way to put your arm into the pillow cushion without squishing it. You can rest your arm comfortably on the bed while sleeping on your side. This is one of the very few sleep wedges that’s designed for sleeping on your side and giving a way for your arm to rest comfortably.

Memory Foam Bed Wedge

This is a great support product to help reduce the neck pain, relieve acid reflux symptoms, and provide pain relief during the night. This folding pillow can be used in a number of ways, providing a 60 degree or 30-degree incline, based on your needs. The versatility makes it a good wedge to consider it’s relatively affordable compared to many of the other options.

It is made from high-quality materials that are very breathable endurable. The removable cover makes it easy to clean, and the foldable design ensure that it’s easy to store.

These are just a few of the top options for acid reflux wedges that can help support you during sleep. Any one of them should provide relief for you and help you to experience fewer or less severe symptoms, permitting a more restful sleep. However, some of these pillows offer unique functionality that you may want to take into consideration as you make your choice.