Workout Guide: Big Booty Exercises at Home

The right exercise regimen can strengthen your glutes and boost your backside, giving you a bigger, more impressive booty. By using proven exercise routines, you can get the body you want, strengthening and slimming in all the right areas, and at the same time using at home exercises for a bigger booty.

While there are many exercises you could use at home for a bigger booty without having to go to the gym, you want to focus on some of the key ones that will make the biggest difference. You’ll be able to see results very soon, if you stick with these exercises.

We will give you a variety as well, so that if some of them are too difficult or there are ones you prefer not to do, you can find something you like to exercise with.

Doing these big booty exercises at home will make a difference. How quickly you will start to see results will depend on how often you do the exercises and how intensely you do them.

The length of your workout sessions and your current health and shape all factor into what kind of results you get and how quickly you see those results.

Don’t be disappointed if you are trying home exercises to make your booty bigger and you don’t see results right away or even in the first week. It may take a little time, but if you stick with it, you’re going to like how you start looking.

Hip Thrusts

This is one of the best home booty exercises you can do, and it works your glutes and can really develop your butt. You don’t need any exercise equipment to pull it off, as you can rest your back on an elevated surface like a chair, bed, or stair.

Then, rest your legs on the ground at a right angle to the rest of your body. You can place your arms behind your head and lower yourself down to an incline.

Hold that position and then thrust back up to a right angle position.

You can do this for a set of 10 or 20, and this exercise will make a huge impact on your glutes. It uses gravity to make you work hard and force yourself upwards for each thrust.

Would you like to get even more impact out of booty exercises at home like this one? Add some resistance bands to your knees to give yourself some extra work. This will really strengthen your side glutes and help to give you a more complete strengthening in that area.


There are a few different bridge exercises you can do, and every one of them will be a great addition to your workout regimen as you tried to build up your booty.

For this one, you can lay on the floor, and once again no exercise equipment is needed. However, adding weights can give you even more strength training and help you see results even faster, working areas that might not get worked as much with the regular bridge exercises.

So, start by laying on the floor, with your arms down at your side and palms facing on the floor. You’ll use them to push you up for this exercise.

Your feet should be flat on the floor with your knees bent in the air. From here, you’ll push yourself upwards with your palms and your glutes.

Your butt should be off the ground at the height of this exercise. Hold that position for a few seconds and then slowly release it and return to lying on the floor, with your feet still touching the floor flatly.

The bridge is one of the simplest at home booty building exercises and also one of the best. It can work your abdomen, back, and glutes.

It also works your arms, as you use your palms and arm strength to push yourself upward. You don’t have to use your arms at all, and you can rely completely on your glutes and abs to lift yourself off the floor.

It helps to build up your core, strengthening and stabilizing your midsection. You can put a resistance band around your knees to get more impact from this exercise.

One variation of the bridge is called the marching bridge. It’s more complicated than the regular bridge and definitely requires some great stability, but it’s an excellent way to work your body, and particularly your glutes, even more.

You will need to keep your hips up in the air and keep them level. Make sure you’re not turning side to side as you do this exercise.

You lie down on your back and bend your knees. Extend one leg out and then use the other leg to lift yourself off the floor.

Remember to keep your hips off the floor the entire time you do this exercise until it is time to take a break.

Use the heel of the leg that’s on the floor to push yourself up and lift yourself from the floor. Keep alternating back and forth between legs without letting your hips touch the floor.

You can do a simpler and easier version of this bridge called the single leg bridge. This uses just one leg at a time and does not alternate between legs. You do the same exercise, but working one leg through a series of reps. When you’re done, switch to the other leg for the single leg bridge reps on that one.

Fire Hydrant

If you want intense exercises for a bigger booty at home, try the fire hydrant. It will really give you a workout. You start out by resting on all fours, like an animal. The palms of your hands and your knees should be touching the floor.

Raise one of your legs up into the side. Lift it as high as possible without turning your midsection sideways.

Keep your back straight and in a neutral position rather than arched. Use your glutes and hips for the entire movement. Hold your leg up and to the side for a few seconds and then lower it back down to the original all fours position. Then, switch to the other leg and repeat.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Regular squats work pretty well to build up your glutes, but they are not as impactful as Bulgarian split squats. For this exercise, you’re going to need someplace elevated to rest one leg. You can use a chair, a bed, or a staircase.

Face away from the chair and rest one foot on it. From there, squat down by bending your knee and your hip of the forward facing leg.

Use the heel on that front leg to push yourself up and stand back up. This is the entire movement. It will really work your lower body, and you’ll feel the burn. Most of your weight should be resting on the front leg while the back leg gives you a measure of support.

Make sure your front knee points straight ahead in the same direction as your toes. You can do a few reps on one leg and then switch over to the next one.

This is probably one of the more challenging booty exercises for bigger booty at home, but it’s such a great workout and it gives you really powerful results compared to some of the other lighter exercises. The more reps you can do of this without tiring yourself out, the better.

These are just a few home exercises for booty that you can try. You may also want to try donkey kicks, backward lunges, curtsy lunges, single leg deadlifts, and even moving from a kneeling position to a standing position.

There are so many great ways to work your glutes and get a bigger booty that you shouldn’t run out of different exercises to try and ways to vary your workout routine.