Exercises to Burn 100 Calories

Do you have lofty weight loss goals? Taking small steps to get there can make it feel like not such a big hill to climb, metaphorically speaking. If you look at how many calories you want to burn or how many pounds you have to lose to hit your goals, it can feel overwhelming.

You may want to start small, looking to burn off 100 calories at a time. Once you know an exercise to burn 100 calories, you can hit tiny milestones all the time, feeling like you’re frequently accomplishing something.

You can burn 100 calories with any exercise if you keep at it long enough, but some exercises may be better for this short burst of calorie burning than others. We’re going to look at some exercises you can do for limited periods of time to burn 100 calories. Feel free to do these exercises for longer than the 100-calorie mark, and this allows you to count off how many times you’re burning 100 calories, easily adding up in your head your total calorie loss.

Exercises that Burn 100 Calories


What’s great about walking is that you can do it pretty much anywhere. You don’t need a walking path, as you can do this exercise on a city street, or even in a large shopping center. Many people will go to the mall to simply walk around and burn calories in an environment that’s appealing to them. Maybe try to avoid buying something sugary and fattening at the food court while you’re there.

How much walking should you do in order to burn 100 calories? If you’re walking uphill at a decent incline, you can burn 100 calories in 13 minutes. You don’t have to walk at a fast pace. Moving at a comfortable rate can help you burn those calories quickly. If you’re walking on a flat space, it will take about 22 minutes at a leisurely pace to burn 100 calories.


Did you know you can burn calories just by standing around? You won’t burn much, but you burn more than when you’re sitting down. If you can look for opportunities to stand when you normally would be sitting, you can burn an additional 10 calories every 10 minutes. In 100 minutes, you’ll have burned 100 calories.

How much exercise to burn 100 calories? You may not have to exercise at all if you stand during your day, like when you’re watching TV, eating food, chatting with a friend, or doing your work. Many people find ways to go about their day standing when they would normally have been sitting. In this way, they burn some extra calories. Your metabolism still works when you’re resting, so even when you are sitting down, you can be burning some calories. If you eat foods that boost your metabolism, you can burn even more calories during restful activities like standing.

Jumping Rope

How much exercise does it take to burn 100 calories when you’re jumping rope? This is a really good fat burning exercise, as you can get rid of those 100 calories in just a short 7 minutes.

Jumping rope is excellent cardio, as it gets your body moving, your blood pumping, and your cardiovascular system working. It helps strengthen your heart and increase your endurance.

How many calories you burn in seven minutes of jumping rope will depend on how well your metabolism is working, how quickly and strenuously you are jumping rope, and various factors related to your health. People who exercise regularly tend to be able to burn fat faster than people who live more sedentary lifestyles. Their body is used to working out, and they can work out harder and faster. Their metabolism also tends to be working harder, helping them burn calories while doing less.

You can keep a jump rope with you in your bag, if you’re looking for a how to burn 100 calories exercise that you can do almost anywhere. You don’t need a lot of space for jumping rope, which is something you can do in your spare time between different things to burn a lot of calories really fast. Some people do this when they’re watching TV and get up and jump rope on commercial breaks. You’d be amazed at how much fat you burn if you make this a daily habit.

Unusual Ways to Burn 100 Calories

House Cleaning

How much exercise is needed to burn off 100 calories? That all depends on what you are doing. You can burn calories while you’re tidying up your home. You don’t have to be at the gym or on a treadmill to burn body fat. You can do it by simply cleaning up your house.

When you sweep floors, mop, vacuum, wash dishes, scrub down counters, and dust, you can burn 100 calories in 30 minutes. The expression of working your fingers to the bones may come to mind, as you can affectively burn fat all over your body just by doing some housework.

How much you burn and how quickly it burns will depend on the intensity of the activity you’re doing. If you’re moving around, you’ll be burning more than if you’re standing still or sitting. Vigorous activities definitely burn more than slow, methodical ones. If you’re looking for an alternative way to burn some fat, cleaning your house could be a great one.

Play Ball

How much exercise is needed to burn 100 calories when you’re playing ball? That definitely depends on the sport you’re playing. You can burn 100 calories playing kickball or dodgeball in about 15 minutes. More strenuous sports, like soccer, can burn the same amount of calories in less time, closer to 7 minutes.

Playing casual yard games like tag can burn calories pretty quickly too. A game of tag can burn about 100 calories in 15 minutes, but of course it depends on how intense your game is and how quickly you’re moving.

If you change up your outside games to go between dodgeball, kickball, and tag, among others, you may lose track of time quickly and have such a blast you won’t even realize how many calories you’re burning.

Use a Rebounder

How long do I have to exercise on rebounder to burn 100 calories? There is a rebounding trend going around, where people are using a rebounder (also called a trampoline) to workout. It takes about 10 minutes on the rebounder to burn 100 calories, for most people. At this pace, you could hold a conversation with someone, so you don’t have to use it too strenuously to burn calories at a decent rate.

A lot of gyms have rebounders in there, but you can get one at home. They are relatively cheap and take up very little space. You can even rest yours against the wall or fold it up when it’s not in use, so it takes up even less space.

Are you interested in keeping track of the number of calories you are getting rid of? There are trackers you can use to keep track of the number of calories you burn, but these won’t be exact figures. They have to estimate based on your movement speed, and advanced trackers may include your age and weight. Burning 100 calories at a time is a very effective way to reach your weight loss goals little bit by little bit without feeling like you have to do too much at once.