Fun Exercise Games for Adults

Doing the same old exercises every time can get kind of boring. If you are looking for a way to shake things up, you may want to check out this list of fun outdoor exercise games for adults. Exercises don’t have to be monotonous; they can be a whole lot of fun and involve your friends as well.
Many of the adult exercise games I’m sharing here can be played by more than one person at a time.

The Advantages of Exercise Games

Why change up your exercise routine with something fun and different? Just doing different kinds of exercises can get rid of some of the monotony and make you more motivated to keep on exercising when you would otherwise not feel like it. Adding variety to the exercise routine can give you something to look forward to and can take something that could be drudgery and make it exciting.
If you’re doing fun group exercise games for adults, you can add friends and family members to the mix. You don’t have to exercise on your own, and that can be great motivation to keep you going. It can also make exercise more interesting and improve your social skills. You can grow deep bonds with your exercise buddies, and playing games together of any kind can form strong relationships.
It can also be great for your brain, stimulating your mind and improving your mental capacity. The stimulating games you may play can be real benefit to your brain development. These may be games that you want to get your kids involved in as well to help boost their developing brains too.
Fun exercise games for adults can also be excellent can be excellent stress relievers. They can help you to get rid of some of the stress and anxiety you might be feeling and shake off the worries of the day.

Best Exercise Games for Adults

Obstacle Course

You don’t have to go to a constructed obstacle course to play this game with your friends. You can make an obstacle course out of objects you have at home or things in your yard. Obstacles can include chairs, logs, ropes, and anything else that you can think of.
The obstacle course will be more interesting if you can give the participants some different kinds things to jump over, crawl under, and climb on, creating a course that forces them to do versatile movements.
What’s great about homemade obstacle courses is that you can change them up each time, making it different for the participants and working with the strengths and weaknesses of different players.
Setting a timer on the course to see who comes in first is a great way to add a level competition to your game. You and your friends may have so much fun with the obstacle course game that they start thinking about items they can bring from their home to improve on the course and make it more interesting.

Red Light, Green Light, 123

This game is a classic and probably one that most all of your friends know how to play. This can be one of those fun exercise games to do in pool for adults or something you do on dry land as well.
To play this game, you need to have one person selected as the crossing guard. This person starts by facing away from the other contestants who are in a line far from the crossing card for a finish line. The aim of the game is to get to the crossing guard or the finish line without being caught moving when the guard is looking at the participants.
When the guard says, “Green light”, they should be facing away from the participants and the participants get to move freely toward their goal. When the guard turns around, they should say, “Red light”, and all the participants are supposed to freeze. If the guard sees anyone moving at this point, they can call them out remove them from the game. The game ends when everyone has reached the goal or everyone is out, and then you can start all over again.


You can keep things really simple and just have a race with all your contestants. You can choose a far distance or a short distance based on people’s activity levels and abilities. You can also make the race more interesting by having participants either waddle or duck walk to the finish line. You can have a flour sack race, where participants have to cover up their lower body with a large flower sack.
You could also try a variation of the race known as a three-legged race where participants team up. Their two closest legs are tied together as one leg, making it more difficult for them to run. There are all sorts of variations you can use, like forcing participants to hop on one foot or to run backwards. You can have fun with this exercise for hours.

Video Games for Adults Exercise and Fun

There are plenty of video games that encourage physical activity as well, especially if you’re using some of the Nintendo systems like the Wii or the WiiU. You can find a few different exercise games, including Wii Sports and games specifically designed for fitness. You could also buy motion peripheral devices for some Xbox systems and some PlayStation systems, and there are sports games available for those consoles as well.
Many times, you can find all the equipment and the game packaged together in one bundle if you’re shopping for them online. Just make sure that you get enough controllers or other necessary peripherals to play the game with friends.

Song Workout

Here’s an adult exercise game you might not have heard of before. You can take any song that repeats certain words and use that word as a trigger to have everyone do a burpee or another kind of challenging exercise. With the right kind of song, you can end up doing the same exercise 10 or 20 times in a single playthrough of the song.
After this song finishes, you can give everyone a rest. Be sure to pick a song that has at least one keyword that’s repeated.
If you want to make a variation on this, you can find a few keywords in the song and do different exercises for each of them. You and your friends will have lots of fun as you change up the songs and the rules of the game to keep things interesting for hours at a time.

Musical Chair Pushups

You know the rules for musical chairs, right? This is a variation that includes exercises to make it more worthwhile to people who have fitness goals to reach. You will need to elect one person to emcee the event. They will tell everyone when to go and when to stop.
You can set up exercise mats instead of chairs for this event, since you will be doing pushups on the floor rather than sitting in a chair. Every time the music stops, all the participants except the emcee should get down on the mats and do pushups. Once the music starts, everyone should run around the mats in a big circle. While the music is playing, the emcee will need to remove one of the mats.
Once the emcee stops the music, all the participants have to find a mat to start doing push-ups on. Of course, one of them will be left out and have to exit the game. You keep doing this until there’s only one person left in the game.
It doesn’t have to be pushups. You can do other exercises and make this game work. Thinking of variations on these games and different ways to play them is part of the fun.