How to Care For Your Beauty Blender

Makeup has changed the way men and women have presented themselves over the years. While natural, no makeup face has its charm, makeup to accentuate and beautify the human face has become popular even since ancient times.

Sixty thousand years ago, ancient Egypt was the first to have used makeup to appeal to the gods and as a symbol of wealth. Eyeliners on art made on Egyptian men and women, kohl, rogue and white powders to brighten the skin, and malachite eye shadow were all famous during Ancient Egypt.

Fast forward to the present day, makeup continues to take over the fashion scene with new and repeating makeup trends like glass skin look, colorful eyeshadows, the 60s, and 70s throwback, disco eyes, punky eyeliners, and many more. However, to complete these makeup looks and routines, we don’t only need the perfect products that complement our skin, but the right tools as well.

The saying goes, a warrior does not blame his sword, but he can surely rely on it. A Beauty Blender, or makeup sponge or beauty sponge as you also call them, have been a necessary makeup routine staple over the past decade and maybe more.

What are Beauty Blenders, and What Do They Do?

Beauty blenders do what they do best– blend make-up. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors: egg-shaped, wedge-shaped, pretty puff, silicone, microfiber, and many more. There are over 20 different kinds of beauty blenders, but the ones above are probably the most used and the most popular of them all, with a special mention to the egg-shaped beauty blenders.

Beauty blenders have become a makeup bag staple among professional makeup artists down to regular makeup enthusiasts over the past few decades. Why? The beauty blender is a very versatile makeup sponge that serves so many purposes.

You can use beauty blenders to apply and evenly spread concealer, foundations, bb creams, serums, moisturizers. You can also use them for contouring the sides of your nose or under your eyes.

There has been a continuous debate between makeup brushes stans and beauty blender stans in which tool is the most effective and valuable in applying makeup. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it all boils down to the preference of the person using the tool.

If you have the use of makeup brushes down, you might prefer them over beauty blenders. On the other hand, beauty blenders don’t leave streaks as brushes do; they fill pores better and make your concealer and foundation application look more natural.

How To Use A Beauty Blender

After choosing the right kind and size of makeup sponge, how do you use it? The secret to the perfect makeup look using a beauty blender is using the correct size. The sponge tip helps apply products on hard-to-reach places like the corner of the eyes or the sides of the nose, so using a bigger beauty blender makes those tasks harder.

Wet, squeeze, and bounce are the three steps to follow when using beauty blenders. Yes, you’re supposed to use beauty blenders wet. This is so that the product blends seamlessly onto your skin. Of course, you can use them dry, but using them moist is the perfect way to go.

In addition, damp beauty blenders cause the sponge to swell, therefore making sure that the sponge doesn’t absorb your foundation or concealers. The last thing you would want is more makeup waste because of sponge absorption.

After wetting them, squeeze the excess water out and start getting your products on the blender. Afterwhich, start bouncing the beauty blender onto your face. Don’t drag, but bounce. Imagine tapping the beauty blender slightly and softly onto your face. This makes sure that the beauty blender can apply the product uniformly and smoothly.

Dragging a product with a beauty blender onto your face defeats the whole purpose of a beauty blender, as you’ll be merely transferring the product around. Bouncing it allows you to properly layer the product and make them look as uniform and seamless looking as possible.

How to Clean A Beauty Blender

There are so many questions on how to use and how to clean a beauty blender. Beauty blenders are made of sponges, so cleaning them should be done as often as they are used.

Beauty blenders are sponges, meaning they absorb products quite well. When left uncleaned for long periods, the dirt on them might cause more harm than good, say irritation and breakouts. There are many ways how to wash a beauty blender at home, and here are a few easy-peasy secrets we’ve found out.

1. Microwave Method

Here’s how to clean a beauty blender in the microwave, because yes, this multipurpose home appliance can also clean our beloved sponges.

  • Squeeze and place your sponge on a soapy water mixture made of mild dish soap and water in a microwavable tray or cup.
  • Microwave the cup and the submerged beauty blender for at least a minute and wait until the cup or tray cools down before getting it out.

This will result in the soapy water looking like it squeezed out all the liquid foundation residue from your beauty blender, and your sponge will look brand new.

2. Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil is also an effective way to get the dirt out of your beauty blenders.

For tips on how to clean a beauty blender with coconut oil:

  • Simply combine coconut oil with a teaspoon of dish soap and warm water in a bowl.
  • Massage and squeeze the beauty blender onto this mixture while squeezing out the soap, oil and makeup residue.

The coconut oil helps break up makeup color pigments on the sponge and helps emulsify and erase traces of the makeup on your sponge.

3. Cleanser, Soap, or Gentle Shampoo

Regularly washing your beauty blenders with your everyday cleansers or gentle shampoo works wonders too.

  • Just apply a small amount to your palm and massage it thoroughly while adding water.
  • Rinse it with warm water and make sure all the water is squeezed out before letting it dry.

How Do You Store a Beauty Blender?

Aside from knowing how to wash your beauty blenders, we must also know how and where to store your beauty blender. Generally, the best place to store a beauty blender is an area free of moisture. Why? You don’t want your beauty blenders damp from the humidity, which will cause bacteria to jump into them without you knowing, would you?

How Do You Store a Wet Beauty Blender?

After washing, you can air dry them on a dry sponge holder with holes or open spaces so the air can fully circulate over the sponge’s body. When it’s completely dry, you can store them back to their packaging or back on your makeup bag with one personal mini bag so that it’s protected from other dirt.

How Often Should You Replace a Beauty Blender?

As to how often you should replace a beauty blender, you can use them for up to a maximum of six months if taken well of properly. Essentially, we recommended replacing them every two to three months, especially when you use them every day.