How to Cure a Stye Overnight 

Did you wake up with a stye on your face and you’re wondering how to get rid of it fast? If you’re looking for how to cure a stye overnight, you’ll probably be a little disappointed. There usually isn’t a way to completely get rid of a stye while you’re sleeping, but you can definitely minimize its appearance.

You can also speed up the healing process so that it looks much better by the time you wake up and to ensure it goes away faster than normal. I’ll give you my best tips on how to cure a stye in the eye overnight, but don’t be disappointed if you still see that it’s slightly visible by the time you wake up.

Clean the Area

A dirty stye is likely one that’s going to get worse before it gets better. One of the best tips I can give you for curing your stye is to clean the affected area. Don’t clean too vigorously, as that could make it worse or irritate your stye. Also make sure that you don’t use any cleaning substances that could be irritating to your skin or your eye. Since a stye forms on the edge of your eyelid, you’ll be cleaning close to your eye, so you want to make sure you don’t use anything that could hurt that very sensitive part of the body.

You should clean the style with warm water and gentle soap. No other chemical agents are needed, and make sure that any cloth you use is a gentle one.

Treat Inflammation

A stye is an inflamed part of your skin, and helping it heal faster will mean directly addressing the inflammation. Once again, you want to be careful about any treatments you use and how they can affect your skin and especially your eye.

How to cure a stye on the eyelid overnight? Your best bet is to treat the inflammation as best you can. Most treatment methods will require that you use a warm compress or something warm pressed against the stye.

You can use a warm tea bag, particularly green tea, black tea, peppermint tea, or something else that can exfoliate, cleanse, and detoxify your skin. This will help to cleanse the affected area to make it less likely for the stye to grow bigger or for new styes to form.

You can also use a warm compress to treat the area. This can be something as simple as a clean washcloth that has been soaked in warm water. Be sure to wring it out so that the cloth isn’t dripping water but is still damp. Also ensure that the water isn’t overly hot. You don’t want to irritate or agitate your skin or damage your eye. Place the cloth against your eye, ensuring that it is covering the stye completely. Keep it there for about 10 minutes to allow the warm water to cleanse the area and reduce inflammation.

You can do this a few times a day to treat the stye in help it to heal faster. If you do this throughout the day, this will be your best chance at getting rid of the stye overnight.

You don’t want to squeeze or press at the stye. Any cleaning or application of a warm compress needs to be gentle. The warm water will help dissolve oils in the stye, reducing puffiness and getting rid of pus.

Don’t Agitate It

Something important you can do to help the stye heal has nothing to do with touching it, treating at, or cleaning it. It’s really important that you don’t touch the stye or do anything to make it worse.

In other words, try to keep your hands off the stye. Oils from your fingertips can get into the stye and make it worse, irritating it and increasing inflammation. Touching the stye or allowing anything to come into contact with it will probably make it worse. You could also get dirt or other debris into the affected area, causing more of an infection.

It’s not a good idea to apply any makeup to your face, particularly around the affected eye, while you have a stye. This can irritate the stye and clog up the pores around it, preventing it from healing properly.

Another thing to avoid is wearing contact lenses. Putting your contact lens in can mean that your fingers are touching the stye and irritating it. Just having a contact lens in can cause irritation as well. If you can avoid it, it’s a good idea to not use a contact lens until the stye is completely healed.

Having to be so careful and doing these little things to protect and help heal your stye can seem frustrating. However, it can be worth it when your stye disappears quickly. If you really want the stye to go away as fast as possible and look much lighter and less visible overnight, you’ll have to follow these precautions.

Use Medication

There are some over-the-counter applications you can use to help your stye disappear. Talk to your pharmacist about which medications to use, and these are typically ointments that you apply to the affected area to help it heal quicker. Avoid any topical steroids, as they can actually make your style look worse. You probably want to avoid any antibiotics as well, since there is no evidence that they do anything for a stye.

What do you do if your stye is painful or persists for several days? It may be time to call a dermatologist at that point or talk to your doctor. There might be some underlying health issues you need to know about. You may also want to take a pain reliever, if your stye is overly painful. If it’s keeping you from getting any sleep, a pain reliever can help you get the rest that’s necessary to help the stye heal faster.

Your style gets any bigger, then you should talk to a doctor as well. There may be things you are doing that are irritating the stye and increasing inflammation that you need to stop. Your doctor can advise you about how to move forward if your stye is getting any bigger.

Another problem to watch out for at this time is if the stye starts to affect your vision. If your vision is becoming blurry, you definitely want to talk to your doctor. There may be some treatment that can help prevent any permanent damage and that will allow you to get your vision cleared up quickly.

If you talk to your doctor, you may be prescribed some medication that you could not get over the counter. A steroid injection can help to heal the stye quickly and treat the affected area.

How long will you be stuck with a stye? Most styes take about three days to heal and for the information to go down on its own. If you’re treating it, keeping it clean and reducing inflammation, your stye may heal faster than that. Follow the methods I’ve advised above and you may not have to look at your stye much longer.

Hopefully, this helps you not worry so much about your style and feel better about what you can do to reduce inflammation and the appearance of the stye. You don’t have to be afraid that you’re stuck with that imperfection on your face for very long. It should go away on its own in a few days, but some of the tips I’ve given you in this article can help you make it less visible and go away faster.