Beauty Mark

How To Darken Beauty Marks Naturally

Beauty marks, interchangeably called beauty spots or moles, are often found in the face, shoulder, neck, or breast. These marks have been called beauty marks for the sole reason that they have become an icon for fashion and looks.

Think of the following celebrities and famous figures who have become iconic due to their facial beauty marks: Dolly Parton, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford, Jessica Alba, Kate Winslet, and many more.

When depicting the images of these figures, their beauty spots are the most highlighted features.

What Is a Beauty Mark?

In medical terms, beauty marks are melanocytic nevus and are no different from moles.

A beauty mark is a made-up name to call dark spots or moles usually in the face that make someone attractive, distinguishable, and recognizable.

If a mole is a generic product, the term beauty mark puts a price and value on that product. Simply put, a mole in the face is a beauty mark, but a mole on the leg is just going to be called a mole.

In fact, beauty marks have been so popular in sixteenth to eighteenth-century France that it was considered a part of fashion, and many men and women wanted to sport artificial beauty marks at that time.

Why Are Beauty Marks Famous?

A beauty mark on the face has been considered a discerning figure for many huge and iconic celebrities. Many people who cosplayed Marilyn Monroe will never miss applying beauty mark makeup on their upper left cheek.

For this reason, many women (and men alike) crave natural beauty marks or dark beauty marks to be distinguishable and attractive.

While some people wish to remove marks and spots on their faces, many still choose to accentuate these beauty spots to draw attention to certain parts of their faces.

A person with beautiful lips may want to highlight it with a beauty mark near their mouth or lips, or a person with beautiful eyes may want to catch people’s attention with a beauty mark near their left or right eye.

At the same time, people who wish to have or fake beauty marks want to do it to cosplay or follow a specific icon who became famous with their beauty marks.

Over the years, people who want to impersonate Marilyn Monroe could simply wear a white dress, sport short, blonde hair, and top it off with her iconic beauty mark on the cheek. You have a complete Marilyn Monroe impersonation right before your eyes.

How to Make Beauty Marks Darker

We have heard of people wanting to remove moles and beauty spots, but we will guide you on how to darken or create beauty marks on your face this time.

While beauty marks (or moles) are generally not dangerous, the best way to accentuate them is to apply cosmetics over them.

Healthy moles do not change in size, shape, and color. If they do, they might signal the existence of a malignant mole and may eventually be cancerous.

Applying cosmetics over beauty marks is easy, but they require a lot of care and consideration.

How to Choose What to Darken Your Beauty Spot With

People with existing beauty marks should assess their size and color. They should decide the right size and color that best fits their look and the existing beauty mark, so it doesn’t sit awkwardly on your face.

If you have a lighter-colored beauty mark, then you can go ahead and dye it darker. You must also consider the size of the beauty mark. When the existing beauty mark is larger than the size of the beauty mark you want to accentuate, you must assess if it’s possible to darken only a part of the beauty mark.

If coloring or darkening your beauty mark, choose a color closer to your beauty mark’s natural color. Obviously, do not choose a red pigment when darkening a black or brownish beauty mark if you don’t want it to look more like an infected pimple than a beauty mark.

Best Makeup Products to Darken a Beauty Spot

After assessing how you want to get dark beauty marks, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Applying makeup won’t give you permanent beauty marks, but they’re as good as they can temporarily get when done correctly.

The best choice for makeup products and tools to make natural-looking beauty marks are eye makeup. These include eyeliner, eyeshadows, eye pens, and pencils, and brow products.

Eye products have applicators that are usually small, thin, and defined, so using them to darken your beauty marks will yield better control and results.

There are various eye products out in the market, but since darkening beauty marks are usually made in the face, it is best to find matte, waterproof, long-lasting, and smudge-resistant products.

Our face generates sweat and oil throughout the day and is exposed to so much heat and dirt. Your darkened beauty marks will tend to fade away quicker than you imagined if you apply products that aren’t long-lasting, smudge-resistant, and waterproof.

Choosing a matte rather than a shiny product will also help make your beauty mark look more natural.

Your best products to darken the beauty marks on your face are makeup pens like eyeliner and eyebrow pens.

Eyeliner pens usually have thin applicators and are pigmented, thus making it easier for you to outline the beauty mark and fill them in with the same eyeliner pen or another product of your choice.

If you have an existing faded beauty mark, it is best to follow the outline of the beauty mark to make it as natural as possible.

Do not draw perfectly circled marks to avoid an unnatural look, and take extra precautions when using permanent or semi-permanent makeup markers.

How to Darken a Beauty Mark when Wearing Makeup

If going out with makeup, it is best to make your beauty marks at the very end.

Applying them after your foundation (and perhaps your entire makeup routine so you can see the completed look after the beauty mark application) will help maintain the color and visibility of the beauty mark on your face.

You can also opt to carefully apply a setting powder after applying the beauty mark to ensure it doesn’t easily erase or smudge.

Beauty marks on the face aren’t something everyone has, even though people generally get ten to forty moles by the time they become adults.

Many people desire beauty marks on the face as much as people wish to have them removed. While getting permanent beauty marks naturally (when you don’t actually have one) isn’t possible, you can always opt for the beauty mark makeup route to accentuate your face.

For people with faded beauty marks, all you need is to grab a long-lasting and good quality eyeliner or eye pencil, and you’re good to go.

Cool tip? Applying beauty marks near your lip or under your eyes is the trend. So with a bit of creativity and patience, you can sport that beauty mark naturally, whenever.