woman doing front splits on gym mat

How to Do The Front Splits – A Beginners Guide

Have you ever tried to do the splits? And suddenly realized your body didn’t seem capable of it? This is something that’s a lot easier for children to do, as they tend to be more flexible.

If you’re not sure how to do front splits right now, working your way up to that movement can really improve your flexibility and give you a greater range of motion.

If you’ve not tried to do anything close to the splits in a while, it’s going to take some effort to get your body to the point where it can pull off this maneuver, but it’s definitely possible.

The method for how to do front splits would be a lot simpler for young girls than for a full-grown adult who has poor flexibility.

How to Prepare Your Body for the Splits

So, you’re probably not ready to do the full splits just yet, but you can get your body moving in that direction and work on your flexibility so that you get there one day.

I may not be able to tell you how to do the front splits in one day if your flexibility is very poor, but I can get you started on improving your flexibility.

Splits are very demanding, and it’s going to take a lot of commitment and time to work your body to the point where it can be that flexible. Work on stretches to begin with, as that will limber up your muscles and slowly build your flexibility.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to go straight for the full splits or some of the more advanced versions of the split. You can do side splits or front splits to begin with, which are some of the least challenging ones to do.

There are specific muscle groups you want to try to strengthen and stretch, particularly hamstrings, glutes, groin muscles, adductors, and hip flexors. Working these muscles will prepare your body to be able to do splits more easily.

They still may not be the easiest thing to pull off, but if you’re stretching and building these muscles, you’ll have the foundation you need to do splits.

I want to share with you some stretches you can do, and if you start doing some of these and you’re already fairly flexible, it can be a great method for how to do the front splits in one hour.

You might be amazed at how far you’ve already gone towards doing the splits if you are someone who stays active and who works out often.

Toe touches help to improve your core flexibility and flexibility from the hips. To do these, simply stand straight and tall with your feet together and then bend down with your arms extended until you can touch your toes.

If you can’t reach that far, then simply reach as far as you can. Go back up to the starting position and try again. After you do a few of these, you should notice your flexibility increase and your reach improve.

Which Stretches are Best to Prepare for the Splits

The runner’s stretch is another good exercise you can do to help improve flexibility and to extend your legs out farther than before. If you’re looking for how to do the Pilates front splits, this is a really good way to get your body to that level.

The runner stretch is one of the most effective stretches to use to prepare your body for front splits. These are also known as the half-seated splits, and they area  great warm up and cool down stretch.

This exercise works your hamstrings and hip flexors, opening them up, stretching these muscles and improving their flexibility. To start the exercise, begin in a low lunge position and put one foot forward and keep your hands on the outside of the foot for support.

Then, take your other knee and put it down on the ground. Walk your hands back and lengthen your extended leg as you move your hips towards the heel of the other foot. Holding that position for about 25 seconds or so and remember to breathe. Then, switch your legs out and repeat the exercise.

Another pose or stretch that works really well for how to do the front splits fast is the half pigeon pose. This will open your hips up and boost your overall mobility and flexibility.

You can begin in the downward facing dog pose and then take your left foot and bring it toward your left wrist. From there, bring your shin and knee down to the mat.

Straighten out your left leg behind you and make sure that your right knee is lining up with the right hip. Allow this foot to flex and walk your hands forward from there.

Next, square your hips in the direction of the mat and lower your forehead. Keep this pose held for about 25 seconds or so, then release and repeat.

How to Perform the Front Splits

Now, I want to share with you how to do the front splits. We can begin in the low lunge position. Your back knee should be down on the mat. Put your hands on your hips and keep your front foot flat. Your back toes should be kept pointed while the top of your foot should be allowed to set on the ground.

From that position, start to slide your front foot ahead of you while keeping the toes pointed. Pull the right foot back and allow your hips to ease out toward the mat. You can use your arms to stabilize you and to relieve some of the tension.

At this point, you should start to feel a stretch deepening in your hip flexors and hamstring on the front leg. When you feel that, stop your movement and hold in that position.

You’re not trying to cause yourself pain or injury and move beyond where you’re comfortable. You simply need to go as far as possible and also make sure you’re not bouncing as you do this. Make sure all your movements are slow, methodical, and easy.

This can be a great way for how to do front splits in one day for guys or girls. Simply keep pushing with this exercise until you can go all the way to a fully extended front split.

You may not be anywhere close to doing the front split yet, though. If that’s the case, keep working on the stretches I told you about above and go as deep into the front splits as you can.

How Long Should You Hold the Splits For

You might be concerned about injuring yourself if you hold the splits too long, and you may want to know how long to do front splits- male or female versions. It’s common for females to have more flexibility, but the rules are pretty much the same for how long to hold the splits for and what’s safe.

Remember not to push the splits any farther than when you start to feel a deep stretch happening. For some people, that’s not going to be very far. If you started to feel pins and needles sensations and pain, you need to pull back a little bit.

You don’t want to hold the splits for long if you’re starting to feel pain. Extend it as far as you can for a comfortable stretch that’s not painful, and then you could hold that for about 30 seconds.

That will help you work your muscles and stretch them out a little bit, giving you some progress toward being able to do the full front splits.

Initially, I would say 30 seconds is a good time, and you can increase from there as you start to feel more comfortable with the splits.