woman flexing lean arms

How to Get Lean Arms Without Bulking Up

To turn flabby arms into lean, sculpted arms will take some serious exercise.

If you’re considering a workout routine to help you get lean arms but you want to ensure you don’t bulk up, you have to be careful about the routine you use.

This is something that’s especially important to women, and many women who work out regularly are concerned about becoming too bulky.

The good news is that’s not something you need to be very worried about. It’s difficult to bulk up, and the only way you’re going to get a bulky, muscular look is if you consistently use a muscle building workout routine, consume a lot of calories, and activate muscle building hormones.

Your genetics also play a big role in determining how easy it is for you to bulk up when you work out. For some people, it takes a lot less work to become bulky and muscular looking.

How to get lean arms without bulking up? I’m going to share with you the workout plan you can use and what types of exercises and methods you should focus on to get that lean, fit look.

3 Best Ways to Get Lean Arms

Resistance Training

You might be wondering why your exercise routine should include resistance training if you’re trying to avoid looking bulky.

For a lot of people, weightlifting and resistance training are the same thing, but there are some subtle differences. Even so, lifting weights doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to look at bulky.

You will need to be lifting some weights if you want to sculpt away at your arms and burn fat quickly.

Resistance training is all about challenging your muscles and getting them to cooperate with you as you try to develop your look and your physicality.

You’ll have to lift weights and work out in such a way that your body doesn’t become too accustomed to what you’re doing. If your workout is too easy and requires you to do the same thing over and over, it won’t make much of an impact on your muscles. They need to be constantly challenged in order to develop.

With resistance training, we’re not looking to bulk up but rather to sculpt out the muscles so that they are more defined. That’s what helps you to have a physically fit look that’s strong but not bulky.

You can use resistance bands or weights for your resistance training, and you want to use what are known as supersets to develop musculature quickly.

Supersets combine two different exercises in a row so that you’re challenging your body and working it very hard even as you turn resistance training into a cardio activity. This is excellent for burning fat and developing your muscles.

How often should you do resistance training and weightlifting? Recommendations from the US Department of Health and Human Services call for two sessions a week to maximize your results and not wear down your muscles or strain them too much.

Dietary Control

It’s not just enough to work out and lift weights if you’re going to make your arms look more toned. You’ll also need to control what you eat, and for many people, that’s the hardest part of getting in shape.

There are tons of different diets you could do to lose weight develop more physically fit look- keto diet, paleo diet, seven-day diet, and many more.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably not looking forward to following a strict dietary regimen and being very careful about what you eat. You may find that it’s hard to stay motivated and keep with a specific diet plan.

What’s easier is to simply avoid certain foods and focus on eating other ones. This kind of informal diet seems to work best for most people and make them feel like they have more freedom.

This is the kind of diet I suggest for a lot of people who are struggling to lose weight and become physically fit. There are specific diet plans out there, if you’d like to try one of those.

So, that could be very helpful for people, but of course, some of them can also feel very restrictive. So, what I recommend is cutting out sugar, processed foods saturated fats, and carbohydrates as much as possible.

You don’t have to completely eliminate them from the diet, but you should intentionally limit how much of these you are eating.

Instead, focus on protein, fiber, fruits, and vegetables. This is what I would consider mindful eating, where you’re not telling yourself, “I can’t have all these kinds of foods and all those kinds of foods”, but rather, “I need less of this and more that.”

I think you’ll find that this is a fairly pleasant diet to follow and not too difficult to keep up with. You can give yourself some cheat days and splurge a little bit but being mindful of how you’re breaking the diet and working a little extra hard afterwards to get back on track.

As you eat, be mindful of your caloric intake. You want to give yourself enough energy to keep working out but ensure that you’re not consuming so many calories that bulking up.

So, you don’t want to drastically increase your caloric intake as you work out. Eat enough food so that you’re not hungry all the time.

Cardio Workout

You should also do plenty of cardio if you’re looking to sculpt your arms and get rid of extra body fat there. Cardio exercises are probably the best way to burn fat. They speed up your heart rate so that your body is pumping blood faster, which causes you to sweat more.

This burns off both water weight and fatty weight. For cardio to do its thing and to get rid of fatty deposits on the body, you will need to be watching your caloric intake.

You especially need to be careful about the fat, oil, sugar, and carbohydrates that you eat, as all of those can contribute to the fat on your body.

Most exercise programs recommend cardio be done three to five times a week. If you are trying to lose weight specifically, you probably want to keep it around five times a week. Depending on your need, you may want to do 15 to 30 minutes of cardio a day.

Cardiovascular exercises can be anything that increases your heart rate and keeps it up. So, walking probably won’t count as cardio for most people, but jogging or running definitely will.

Relaxed swimming might not be cardio, but if you’re swimming laps around the pool, that should get your heart rate up and count as cardiovascular exercise.

You don’t have to be moving around to do cardio exercises. You can use an elliptical machine or treadmill, run in place, do jumping jacks, pushups, pull-ups, or sit-ups, and many more exercises.

You can find an exercise program that you can do at home with very little equipment or if you have access to a gym, you can find an exercise program that allows you to make use of the equipment at the gym.

Are you ready to get sculpted arms that look toned and fit? You ready to get rid of the flappy chicken wings that dangle off the bottom of your arms?

This kind of dieting and workout program where are you careful about the foods you eat and engage in resistance training and cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis will make a huge difference. You should see results quickly and have arms you can be proud of.