How to Look Like an Instagram Model

It seems like everyone wants to be Instagram famous these days, but how do you do it? Is it only possible for some people to look like an Instagram model? Does it take a secret formula that only a few privileged select know?

It may seem like only some people have got that extra something that makes the difference between someone who has just a handful of followers and someone who is considered an Instagram model. How to look like an Instagram model?

We’ve analyzed tons of Instagram photos and learned the style tricks that help people shape up and look the part to become big on Instagram. Some of these are going to take a lot more work than others, but you can just run down the list and see what appeals to you and what sounds doable.

To get that ideal look and style may take some work. Some of these things may require you to go farther than you feel comfortable or may require more money and time than you want to spend. But, if you want to know the secrets to becoming an Instagram model, this is where it starts.

5 Tips on How to Become an Instagram Model

1. Go for Cardio

For a lot of people, the best Instagram looks start with a pleasing shape. If you want to get rid of cellulite, excess fat and loose skin, then the best exercise routine for most people who want to get that Instagram look is cardio.

Cardio can really work up sweat quickly and is great for your heart. It improves your circulation, which can help give you rosy cheeks and a healthy, vibrant look. It can also help you to feel better overall and be sick less often, giving you a winning Instagram-ready smile.

Cardio is great at burning off fat while toning your entire body. It doesn’t just target one specific area. So, you will look great all over. This is how to look like an Instagram model surgery free. Why pay a lot of money for invasive surgery that will leave you with scars when you could spend time doing exercises that help you look great naturally?

We say cardio is safer than some other forms of exercise because there is very little risk involved. Many people will strain and hurt themselves doing weightlifting. Some outdoor activities people use to get in shape, like swimming or cycling, come with inherent risks. Cardio can be done at home or in a gym, so it’s cost effective and it has very few risks. Just take it slow at first, if you’re not used to exercising regularly.

2. Cut out the Carbs

There are a lot of diet changes you can make in order to get a body that will be the envy of Instagram. You could go on any number of diets, like keto, Weight Watchers, and paleo. What it comes down to, though, is that you need to control what you eat and limit how much you eat of foods that will have a negative effect on your body.

If you want to lose some excess fatty tissue and make your body look toned and fit, then there are a few key food groups you need to severely limit. Carbs are one of those, as they can add on weight that can be tough to work off. Carbs provide long term energy, and if you’re not being active throughout the day, then you probably don’t want many carbs. They can also make you look bloated and prevent you from having a toned look.

Carbs include foods like potatoes, pasta, and breads. These starchy foods tend to be somewhat sugary and are really great at packing on the pounds. If you think you’re too skinny and not curvy enough, then do the opposite of what we just told you and make carbs a bigger part of your diet.

3. Say No to Sugar

This is another food group that needs to be severely limited for anyone who’s trying to look fit and thin. How to look more like an Instagram model? Start by cutting out the sugar to make incredible progress in a short amount of time.

Simply put, sugar adds on fat. Most people have way too much sugar in their lattes, desserts, soft drinks, and even the foods that are part of their meals. If you can make a conscious effort to cut out as much sugar as possible, you will see a big difference in your fatty content. You can start to see fat disappear from your thighs, hips, waist, arms, and face. Sugar is the biggest contributor of fat to the body for most people, so removing it from your diet as much as possible will have a serious impact.

4. Know Your Angles

How much does it cost to look like an Instagram model? It could be a lot less expensive than you think, if you know some of the tricks to getting the ideal look. A lot of it comes down to angles and how you position and photograph yourself. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a desirable look, if you know your best features and your best angles.

Instead of spending a lot of money on concealer treatments for blemishes, you can cover those imperfections with hair using playful, purposely messy shots. It’s an Instagram secret to flawless skin that takes seconds and doesn’t cost anything.

Also be careful about shooting yourself straight on. Some people can make that work for them, as it looks powerful and confident. However, not everybody has the personality or build to pull off the straight-on look at a level that’s going to be competitive enough on Instagram to get you noticed.

Turning to a profile shot or slightly at an angle can really help your pictures stand out. This works better for someone who has a thin or short build. It can help to make you stand out and show off your quirky personality as well by doing angles that aren’t quite as obvious. Try overhead angles and low angles to give your pictures more variety and help them pop in a sea of similar looking photos.

5. Keep Up with the Secrets

The Instagram experts are always spilling the beans on how to be more like the pros. If you follow a “how to look like an Instagram model blog”, you can find new discoveries and catch on to new trends before they hit the mainstream.

You may see Instagram shots that look appealing to you that you would like to replicate, but you may not know what it is about them that makes them work. It may be difficult to tell how some Instagram models pull off their shots, so following how to blogs can help you learn the tricks of the trade. It can also help you to save some money, as some of these bloggers can come up with inventive and inexpensive ways to mimic the expensive styles of many Instagram models.

These are just a few tips to get you started, and the best advice we can give you about how to be an Instagram model is to just have fun with it. If it’s causing you stress, emptying your bank account, or making you consider drastic surgery, it’s probably not worth it. People will notice you more for being really you than trying to mimic what someone else is doing.