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What the benefits of using an exercise ball [and 5 of the best balls in 2021]

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What Size Exercise Ball Do I Need?

One of the most important pieces of exercise equipment you can get is the exercise ball. It’s also called the physio ball and stability ball. They’re all the same thing going by different names. However, not all exercise balls are the same. They come in lots of different sizes, so you ought to know what those sizes are and what they’re used for.

What size of exercise ball do I need? That’s going to depend on what you’re doing with it. There are some things you should never do with an exercise ball, like sit on one while you lift weights. That’s not good for your stability or your back muscles. It puts a lot of pressure where you don’t want pressure when you’re lifting something heavy like weights.

Using an Exercise Ball as a Workout Bench

There is a general rule of thumb you can use when you’re asking yourself, “What size exercise ball do I need?” that rule is: the larger the ball, the less intense the challenge. A large ball provides lots of support, so you can actually use it as a replacement for a workout bench.

A large workout ball is around 75 or 85 centimeters in diameter. If you go smaller than that, you may have trouble using the balls of workout bench. Your challenge will increase, so scale up if you’re looking to use a ball to replace a workout bench or to provide support for a lot of your body. The smaller the ball, the more your body has to provide the support rather than the ball. You can use tiny workout balls for really hardcore abdomen exercises, and bigger ones provide a lot of overall body support, letting you focus on the parts of your body you want to work out.

You may want to consider putting some sort of stopper on the opposite side of the exercise ball from where you will be sitting and working out. This prevents it from rolling away, which is definitely a concern when you’re resting your body on a big ball.

Also make sure that the ball you’re using is kind of a solid one if you’re making use of it as a workout bench. You want it to provide enough support for you so that you’re not injuring your back or other parts of your body by depriving them of the support they need.

What Size Exercise Ball Do I Need for Sitting?

To use an exercise ball as a work bench, it’s going to need to be quite big. You will be resting your entire back on it. If you just want to sit on the ball, though, you can do with a smaller exercise ball. What size should you get?

I recommend an exercise ball that’s somewhere between 55 and 65 centimeters in diameter. It’s best if you can test out the ball before you purchase it for a specific purpose. This allows you to see how it works for you. Both your body size and your weight will help determine if the ball will provide enough support for you and for the exercises you want to do.

The size of ball I’ve recommended is not set in stone. You need to find something that works well for you personally. It’s best to try out the balls that are available in person to see if they give you adequate support for the exercises you are looking to use the ball for. That way, you will know if you need to move up or down a size.

What size exercise ball do I need to sit on? The ball should be large enough to provide enough support for you to sit on it comfortably without it shooting out from under you. It should also be small enough so that you don’t sink into it and feel like you’re being swallowed up by the exercise ball. It’s hard to determine if the ball is the right size for you if you’re not seeing it in person. Unless you already know what size of ball you need, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing one online. There’s a good chance that it won’t be the right size and that you may not be happy with your purchase.

What Size Exercise Ball Do I Need for Pregnancy?

A birthing ball is a tough and squishy ball used to ease pain during childbirth. It’s not quite the same as an exercise ball, and it’s best if you don’t just use an exercise ball as a substitute. You should actually buy a ball that is classified as a birthing ball. That way, you know you’ll be getting what you need.

As with exercise balls, there’s a few different sizes of birthing balls available. How do you know which one to get? You can test out the birthing ball and how the size works for you in person using this method. Sit on the ball as squarely as possible and keep your feet down on the floor. If you’re sitting on the ball properly and it’s the right height, your hips should be even with your knees and perhaps a little bit higher by a few centimeters. What this does is put the baby weight a little forward so that there’s not as much pressure on your back. This should help ease some of the discomfort and pain during pregnancy.

In this position, your pelvis will be opened up and there will be a lot less pressure on your lower back when you’re going into labor or experiencing contractions. If the ball is allowing your hips to fall below your knees, it isn’t doing what it should do for you.

Your Ball Will Change Over Time

What size exercise ball do I need? The size of exercise ball you pick initially won’t be the one you end up with in a few months from now. The size of the ball changes as you keep using it. Some of the air and pressure will be released from the ball the more you sit on it and use the ball for working out. So, the size of the ball will diminish, and you need to be aware of that.

You may want to pick a slightly larger ball than what you think you’ll need, as it’s will change over time as it gets smaller. Or, you may want to purchase a pump to go with your ball to keep it taut and full of air.

I talked about the question of “What size of exercise ball do I need?” I hope I’ve answered all your questions now you feel like you can pick the right size exercise ball for yourself. It’s not a bad idea to have a few different sizes of exercise balls and available to use. That way, you can use a different one depending on which kind of exercises you are doing.

For planks and pushups, I would recommend a smaller exercise ball, while for sitting down or using the balls or workout bench, you definitely need a larger ball for that. If you’re not sure which size of ball to get, just ask the sales rep in the store for recommendation. A lot of fitness stores will train their employees to make expert recommendations so that their customers will be satisfied with their purchase.

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