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Ways to Workout to Gain Weight for Females

Those who are overweight often try everything they can to lose weight, but those who are skinny and petite may try to bulk up. If you fall into the latter category, you may be interested to know about a workout plan to gain weight female fitness enthusiasts can use.

Some exercises will help you bulk up, helping you to become stronger and increasing your overall weight. If you would like to see the scales tip a little more in your favor and you are tired of being a featherweight, then knowing the right fitness and workout routine and sticking with it can make a big difference.

Has anyone ever told you that a light breeze could knock you over? Have you wondered how you would be able to fend off an attacker if you don’t have much body weight to throw around?

Hopefully, you never have to deal with that, but bulking up and strengthening can make a big difference in how confident you feel in yourself and how intimidating you look to someone who might want to take advantage of you.

Build Muscle to Gain Weight

Did you know that muscle weighs more than fat? When some people think about how to make themselves heavier, they often think they need to eat a lot of food. That’s not necessarily true.

Your diet plays a part in how you’re able to bulk up, but you’ll be heavier with muscle that takes up as much space on your body as the same amount of fat. If you’re looking to make yourself a bit heavier and not as easy to knock down (and perhaps a little more intimidating), building up your muscles is a great way to do that.

You want to focus on building muscles in areas of your body that allow for quick muscle development. You then need to pair that with the right kind of diet.

If you’re looking to build muscle, you should focus on lean protein.

Cut back on sugar, fats, and simple carbs. If you do this, and you have a good workout routine, you’ll be able to shed fat and replace it with muscle, which will make you bigger, bulkier, and weightier.

Below is my workout to gain weight female readers can try for themselves. Just remember to pair it with the right kind of diet to actually build those muscles. Without fuel for the muscles, they won’t develop.

Female Gym Workout Guide to Gain Weight

Any exercises you do that build muscle will help you to bulk up and gain weight. Deadlifts, powerlifting, and any other kind of weightlifting really helps to develop muscle quickly and increase your weight.

Start with a weight that you can handle that’s not too challenging for you. If you’re looking to bulk up quickly, though, you’ll need to increase your weight steadily. Adding more weight isn’t always better. You can get more out of a longer workout where you’re lifting a smaller weight many, many times rather than lifting a heavier weight just a few times.

Pushups and pull-ups are another great way to bulk up as well. These build back, shoulder, and upper arm muscles, and they do so very quickly and powerfully. Pullups won’t be for everyone, and you may struggle to do more than a couple of them at once, but pushups should be a much easier exercise to start with. See if you can work your way up by multiples of 10.

pull up

Maybe start out with 10 pushups, and then move to 20 the next day or a few days later. Every few days, you should be testing to see if you can do a few more in a single session, and you can do multiple sessions throughout the day, doing 30 pushups in the morning and 30 in the evening, for example.

I would definitely say pushups should be part of any workout routine to gain weight and muscle female fitness enthusiast should be using.

It’s a simple enough exercise that can be done anywhere, whether you’re at the gym, at home, or even at work, if that’s allowed.

You don’t need any equipment, and you only need a little space. It’s a great exercise you can do without a mat, and it can be done in different ways, using a bed, bench, or chair for an inclined pushup.

Swimming is a good way to strengthen your muscles. It doesn’t necessarily help you develop huge muscles fast, but if you want to get rid of fat and expose the muscles underneath, swimming is a great way to do that. It tones your muscles very well, and it will provide some excellent muscle development.

Lunges are a good workout to gain weight female-at-home method, as they can be performed easily regardless of your age, body type, or fitness level. They help to work some of your lower body muscles, and you can add dumbbells to the lunges to make them even more effective and to work on your upper body at the same time.

Try to fit as many of these into a single set as you can, take a break, and then do another set. Don’t be satisfied with just doing a few, if you’re wanting to make great gains very quickly.

I would also suggest working squats into your workout routine to gain weight. Female-friendly exercises like these don’t require that you lift any heavy objects or even go to the gym. You can do them anywhere in a very small space.

Once again, you can add dumbbells to this exercise to make it even more powerful and to work your upper body more. Doing squats regularly can help to add weight around your legs and hips, building muscle there to make your lower body very powerful.

The Secret to Gaining Weight Through Exercise

If you’re really wanting to bulk up and gain some extra weight, you’re going to have to do a lot of exercises and keep doing them regularly. Now, you don’t want to overtrain and tire yourself out by doing a workout routine every single day of the week.

I would suggest starting with four or five days a week and then maybe work up to six, but six days a week working out is pushing it for a lot of people. You want to give yourself time to recuperate and rest from your workout so that you’re not too sore the next time.

Also be sure to hydrate and get plenty of rest, getting at least eight hours of sleep a night on the days that you are working out. Be sure to eat healthy, protein rich diet, if you’re looking to bulk up. You can’t build muscle without protein, and if you’re working out extra, you’ll need extra protein to actually develop those muscles.


You should also be setting goals for yourself. Determine to do so many squats, pushups, and pull-ups each session, for example, and then increase that every week, if you can. When you do that, you’ll be pushing yourself past your plateaus and constantly making progress. You’ll be challenging your body and forcing your muscles to develop and grow at an exponential rate.